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For websites, size does matter

Someone on one of the lists I subscribe to advised people to make sure their sites download quickly. She punched one of my hot buttons. I hate slow-loading sites. The whole world doesn’t have cable. Even if everyone did, slow sites hog resources.

Ever notice how some days, cable or not, the Internet is slower? For dial-up access, the rated speed for a modem may be 56.6 Kbps. That’s the top speed. The actual connection speed can be anywhere from 24.4 to 32 to 44 Kbps — just like rush hour on the freeway.

Be courteous; do your part to keep traffic moving.

You can compress your images a considerable amount without losing any detail. Below are links to the same image exported from Photoshop with different compression levels. Each link opens in a new window so you can compare them. (Assuming you wait for the entire image to download!) The original file — not linked below — is 309 KB.

See for yourself (links open in new windows)

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