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Add the hyphens to a CreateSpace ISBN

When you obtain the ISBN for your book from CreateSpace, the ISBN shows up in your dashboard. You should put that ISBN on the copyright page (title page verso) of your print book. First, you’ll need to add hyphens. CreateSpace puts a hyphen only after the 978, but there should actually be four hyphens. According . . .

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Cost of printing at Lulu, CreateSpace, and LSI

I have a spreadsheet with the formulas for calculating costs of printing books at Lightning Source (LSI), CreateSpace, and Lulu. Let me show you the per-book printing cost for each: 300 pages, paperback, 5.5″ × 8.5″ $ 4.80 LSI $ 5.10 CreateSpace Pro Plan $ 7.00 Lulu (publisher grade paper) $10.50 Lulu (standard paper) 650 . . .

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