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How to sell e-books in person

Many of my clients sell books at book shows, state fairs, seminars, and other events where they are face-to-face with readers. Selling in person works great when you have a physical book and the reader likes physical books. Some readers, however, prefer e-books. Telling someone your book is available at all the major e-book retailers . . .

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How to build an e-book (handout)

At the latest meeting of Northern California Publishers & Authors (NCPA), the topic was e-books. Stephanie Chandler discussed the current e-book market and marketing for authors. (An interesting factoid: PDF e-books are still selling strongly!) I discussed my experience building e-books and gave out a handout explaining the steps for building an e-book based on . . .

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Fonts for Web publishing

There are several ways to ensure you can use your preferred fonts on the Web. First of all, you can use images with headers without hurting SEO. The text is either shoved offscreen or covered with a graphic. There are also some more complicated (to my mind) text replacement methods using Flash and other techniques. . . .

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