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Ingram, not Ingrams

In recent months, people have begun using Ingrams (note the s) when they mean Ingram. Ingram Content Group is the parent company of the book wholesaler Ingram Book Group and the on-demand printers Lightning Source and IngramSpark. (Please note the correct spelling of IngramSpark: no space and no terminal s.) References to Ingram may refer . . .

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Setting a price for your print book

When you set your book’s list price, you have to make it high enough to cover the cost of printing and the retailer’s discount. Let’s assume you’re printing a 200-page book at CreateSpace. The discount is 20% for sales through CreateSpace, 40% for sales through Amazon, and 60% for Expanded Distribution.* For B&W books of . . .

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Choosing a book size

What trim size should I select for my book? This question comes up all the time. How many words does your manuscript have? Let’s assume for planning purposes that the manuscript is regular text only (no bullet points, footnotes, etc.) and each book page will have 300 words. (This number only a rough estimate! The . . .

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