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Selecting an editor based on the books they’ve edited

It’s difficult to judge the quality of editing without seeing the original manuscript. If the writing is really clean, it’s easier to catch nearly all the errors. (No one can reasonably claim 100% error-free results.) If the manuscript is a mess, the editor may be so busy fixing the major problems that smaller errors near . . .

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So you want to be a copyeditor

Not everyone is suited to be a copyeditor. Are you detail-oriented? Do you like working alone? Do you have a high level of reading comprehension? Can you spot “facts” that can affect the credibility of your client’s work? Are you willing to question your corrections? Do you have an excellent grasp of spelling, punctuation, and . . .

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Editing: The Invisible Art talk and handouts

(Presented at the 2009 NCPA Conference) Editing: The Invisible Art that Takes Your Book from “Self-Published” to “Professionally Published” Good afternoon! My name is Sandra Williams, and I’ve provided writing, editing, and design services since 1996. Before that I ran a marketing and publicity office, and before that I edited a weekly newspaper. My first . . .

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