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WordPress Themes and Websites

WordPress software can be used not only to manage your blog but also to manage your entire site. A full-featured content management system (CMS), WordPress allows you to update your website yourself —

  • without learning how to code
  • without waiting for someone else to make changes
  • without paying someone to update your site

How It Works

You manage your site through an online, password-protected interface. After you log in, you are taken to the Dashboard, a set of menus where you can add, change, or delete pages and posts.

The text for your pages is stored in a database. When a visitor goes to your website, the pages are built dynamically and styled by your theme. (A theme is a set of templates for the different kinds of pages on your site.) Your website will look like any other website; you don’t even need to have a blog unless you want one.

What You Need to Get Started

Most webhosts have the ability to support WordPress. The two hosting requirements are

  • MySQl database (version 5.0.15 or greater)
  • PHP (version 5.2.4 or greater)

If you don’t have a webhost, I can help you find one and do the initial setup of your website.

If you’re on a strict budget and need only a simple site, a WordPress site hosted at might work for you. A variety of themes that you can customize yourself are available, and you can also use your own domain name for a small fee.