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Sandra K. Williams loves books, both printed and digital. Since 1996 she has worked with authors and independent publishers, editing and designing books for print. Since 1999 she has built easy-to-use, accessible websites, and she uses her HTML and CSS skills to design reader-friendly e-books.

Matte versus glossy covers

Not so long ago people in bookstores would reject a trade-published book for being self-published simply because of the glossy lamination on the cover. Now both Lighting Source and CreateSpace offer matte lamination, so the people who dislike self-published books will have to find other criteria. Whether you select matte or glossy lamination for your . . .

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Getting quotes from editors

Some writers are reluctant to contact editors who don’t post a fee schedule. At one time my website included a method for calculating a base fee for my services. Even though a fee RANGE (cents per word) was stated, persons contacting me calculated their fee at the lowest rate and assumed that’s what I was . . .

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Getting a Library of Congress data block for your book

The Library of Congress provides CIP data blocks only to publishers who fulfill certain requirements. Most indies won’t meet those requirements. However, anyone in the U.S. can obtain a PCN for their book. A PCN is a preassigned control number. It is equivalent to the LCCN, the Library of Congress catalog number. If the LOC . . .

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