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Getting a Library of Congress data block for your book

The Library of Congress provides CIP data blocks only to publishers who fulfill certain requirements. Most indies won’t meet those requirements.

However, anyone in the U.S. can obtain a PCN for their book. A PCN is a preassigned control number. It is equivalent to the LCCN, the Library of Congress catalog number. If the LOC later decides your book is important enough, they’ll use that number for their record.

You can include the number on your book’s copyright page:

LCCN 2014000000

If you have a PCN, you can obtain a PCIP (Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication) data block. There are several companies that will provide them.

PCIP data block

I’ve obtained reasonably priced data blocks from Adrienne Bashista:

Apply for the Library of Congress PCN program here:

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