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Ingram, not Ingrams

In recent months, people have begun using Ingrams (note the s) when they mean Ingram. Ingram Content Group is the parent company of the book wholesaler Ingram Book Group and the on-demand printers Lightning Source and IngramSpark. (Please note the correct spelling of IngramSpark: no space and no terminal s.) References to Ingram may refer . . .

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Pen names and privacy

Do you plan to use a pen name aka pseudonym aka nom de plume? If your pen name will be an open secret and your main purpose in using one is to differentiate between the various genres you write in, go ahead and register a DBA (fictitious business name) for your pseudonym. Having a DBA . . .

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A long history of self-publishing

Back when Northern California Publishers & Authors (NCPA) was still Sacramento Publishers Association (SPA), I was the newsletter editor for a year or so. There have been so many changes in publishing, the passing time feels like an eon rather than a decade. One of the featured articles back then was the switch to sending . . .

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