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Ingram, not Ingrams

In recent months, people have begun using Ingrams (note the s) when they mean Ingram.

Ingram Content Group is the parent company of the book wholesaler Ingram Book Group and the on-demand printers Lightning Source and IngramSpark. (Please note the correct spelling of IngramSpark: no space and no terminal s.) References to Ingram may refer to the wholesaler or to the parent company.

So what? What difference does it make if someone adds an extra s? When someone uses the wrong name, they look either careless or ignorant, and they create doubt about their expertise. What other details did they get wrong? Did they leave out any important facts?

Check the correct spelling for yourself:
Ingram Content Group
Lightning Source

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Sandra K. Williams loves books, both printed and digital. Since 1996 she has worked with authors and independent publishers, editing and designing books for print. Since 1999 she has built easy-to-use, accessible websites, and she uses her HTML and CSS skills to design reader-friendly e-books.

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