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Fake small caps vs. true small caps

True small-capital letters require a font that supports small caps; i.e., the typeface has special characters designed to be approximately the same x-height as lowercase letters but using the uppercase letter shape. Fake small caps, created by reducing capital letters by 75 or 80 percent, stick out visually; they’re thin and spindly. Although EPUB markup . . .

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Creating EPUBs with InDesign

People complain that InDesign won’t export decent EPUBs. I have to disagree. You can get pretty decent results from InDesign if you optimize the file for EPUB before exporting. Here are the steps that I follow for InDesign CS6. Make sure styles are applied to anything that needs to be different from the base font . . .

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A long history of self-publishing

Back when Northern California Publishers & Authors (NCPA) was still Sacramento Publishers Association (SPA), I was the newsletter editor for a year or so. There have been so many changes in publishing, the passing time feels like an eon rather than a decade. One of the featured articles back then was the switch to sending . . .

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