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The new! improved! Williams Writing website

If you’ve visited this site in the last couple of years, you might not notice any changes except a different graphic here and there. But the entire site has been completely remodeled: new walls, new roof, new floor. Only the wallpaper remains the same.

Previously, to make sure everyone who visited my site saw it the way I wanted them to — green background, main text in a center column, narrow columns on either side containing a menu and quote — I used a table to organize where the text and graphics went. The number of people still using older browsers with inconsistent support for Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) was high enough that I felt obligated to design the site with their needs in mind.

But in the last couple of years browser support for CSS has improved considerably and, according to my site logs, my visitors are using the latest browsers. Voilà!

Before and after

About Sandra K. Williams

Sandra K. Williams loves books, both printed and digital. Since 1996 she has worked with authors and independent publishers, editing and designing books for print. Since 1999 she has built easy-to-use, accessible websites, and she uses her HTML and CSS skills to design reader-friendly e-books.

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