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Sacramento Portuguese Heritage Recipe Book

Just about ten years ago I laid out a fund-raising recipe book for Gloria Council No. 3 of IDES. I got involved in other things and the project lapsed. Then a few months ago someone called me wanting one of those books. Of course none were to be had.

Ten years ago didn’t exist. Files were delivered on a floppy, CD-ROM, or one of those newfangled Zip disks. I purchased the cover stock, delivered it to the company that did the foiling, picked up the foiled covers and delivered them and the interior files to the company that printed up the book block, and assembled the punched books. (That was my decision; I purposely used binder rings instead of coil binding so the books could be expandable. I still like the sturdy homemade feel of the original books best, but I’ve moved on to other projects.)

Cover of the 1997 Sacramento Portuguese Heritage Recipe Book

The original Sacramento Portuguese Heritage Recipe Book, 1997.

For this edition of the recipe book I uploaded the files to for printing. I changed the book’s orientation and took advantage of the full-cover cover. The files have been uploaded and proofed, and now I’m done. The organization can order as many copies as they need when they need them without my further involvement.

Cover of the 2008 Sacramento Portuguese Heritage Recipe Book

The revised Sacramento Portuguese Heritage Recipe Book, 2008, for sale now at

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