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Attaching a file to a WordPress 2.7 post

1) Log in to your WordPress blog. Write a new post ( Posts | Add New ).

2) Next to the “Upload/Insert” label is a row of buttons. When you mouse over each button, a title tooltip should become visible. The buttons are, in order from left to right, Add an Image, Add Video, Add Audio, Add Media.


3) Insert the cursor at the point in your post where you want the file link to go.

4) I want to upload a PDF, so I click the Add Media button (the one on the far right that looks like an asterisk or sunburst).

5) A dialog box will appear. Navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload and click “Open.” The file will be uploaded to your blog.

6) A dialog box displays. Here you can give the file a title, caption, and description, if you want. I suggest adding at least a user-friendly title. The title will be the link text.


7) Still in the dialog box, click “File URL” (below Link URL).  Then click “Insert into Post.”

8) That’s it! Success!

About Sandra K. Williams

Sandra K. Williams loves books, both printed and digital. Since 1996 she has worked with authors and independent publishers, editing and designing books for print. Since 1999 she has built easy-to-use, accessible websites, and she uses her HTML and CSS skills to design reader-friendly e-books.

2 Responses to Attaching a file to a WordPress 2.7 post

  1. I am a member of NCPA but have never used the web page, I would like to mention my latest book on the page but sorry I don’t know how. The book may be checked out on my web page above, I would appreciate any help, and I will try to make the meeting Saturday and bring a copy of the book for evaluations. Thank you, Richard.

  2. Sandra Williams wrote:

    I’m not really the right person to ask about that. (I’m assuming you want to add your book to the NCPA site?) I don’t manage that Web site any longer, and I don’t know the board’s plans for the site. I think either Michele Avanti or Barry Schoenborn might be able to help you. I’ll send your question to them.