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InfoNotes newsletter design

Last year I got a call from a prospective client regarding a newsletter project. The client, a state agency with six offices throughout California, wanted to consolidate the individual newsletters created at each site into a single newsletter. First step was a redesign while they searched for an editor. None of the offices had a . . .

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For websites, size does matter

Someone on one of the lists I subscribe to advised people to make sure their sites download quickly. She punched one of my hot buttons. I hate slow-loading sites. The whole world doesn’t have cable. Even if everyone did, slow sites hog resources. Ever notice how some days, cable or not, the Internet is slower? . . .

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Book cover handouts from the NCPA meeting

During the November 12, 2005, meeting of Northern California Publishers & Authors we discussed the importance of book covers and critiqued covers that attendees brought for review. At the meeting I talked about my experience with building covers and distributed handouts. The color shift when I converted this image from RGB to CMYK got lost . . .

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