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Book cover handouts from the NCPA meeting

During the November 12, 2005, meeting of Northern California Publishers & Authors we discussed the importance of book covers and critiqued covers that attendees brought for review. At the meeting I talked about my experience with building covers and distributed handouts.

A side-by-side comparison of the same photo in both color spaces.

The color shift when I converted this image from RGB to CMYK got lost when I exported the file as a PDF. Notice the difference in the blues and the darker red of the CMYK swimming trunks.

Save your completed RGB file before converting to CMYK so you can go back and make changes. If you publish through, check their cover guidelines before converting to CMYK. As of September 2005, they requested RGB cover art.

Of course, you’re going to double-check that all your files meet the specs of your selected printer. The template handouts are a rough guide only; your printer may require other dimensions.

The Handouts

Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook can be ordered from International Paper. It’s now available at, too.

The book cover doubles were featured at The bestsellers were displayed at Barnes & To see how the big publishers package their Advance Review Copies, search for “ARC” in the Books category at eBay.

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