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Organizing the parts of your e-book

The order for front matter and back matter for print has been covered earlier. I’ve modified the order slightly for e-books to make them more reader-friendly. Note that I build the EPUBs myself. Chapters and sections listed below are in separate files. Front matter Cover Title page (may be combined with copyright page OR may . . .

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It’s only easy if you know how to do it

From Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox: In our current round of usability research, only 76% of users who expressed a desire to run a Google search were successful. In other words, 1/4 of users who wanted to use Google couldn’t do so. (Instead, they either completely failed to get to any search engine or ended up running . . .

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For websites, size does matter

Someone on one of the lists I subscribe to advised people to make sure their sites download quickly. She punched one of my hot buttons. I hate slow-loading sites. The whole world doesn’t have cable. Even if everyone did, slow sites hog resources. Ever notice how some days, cable or not, the Internet is slower? . . .

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